David Gaynes

David Gaynes – is emerging as a unique voice in the world of independent documentary film. Saving Hubble (2012) is both a love letter to the world’s most famous telescope and the story of the grassroots movement that saved Hubble from an untimely death. The film is currently previewing around the country. A layman in the field of astronomy, David was inspired to explore the public’s connection to space when he heard on the evening news that a necessary repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope had been canceled. David won the Jury Prize for best documentary at the Vail Film Festival with Keeper of the Kohn (2005), a portrait of Peter Kohn, a beloved autistic field manager for the Middlebury College lacrosse team, as he cared for his dying friend. The forthcoming Next Year In Jerusalem, David’s third feature, tells the story of eight nursing home residents on a pilgrimage to Israel. David was the cinematographer for the award-winning documentary All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert (2011, Dir. Vivian Ducat).  www.savinghubble.com