The Next Big Science Revolution

Saturday June 23rd,
9:30 am
Ballroom B

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Neil Jacobstein Jacobstein Co-chairs the AI and Robotics Track and is Director of Executive Academics at Singularity University, headquartered at the NASA Ames Research Park. The University’s mission is to assemble, educate, and inspire leaders to understand and facilitate the responsible development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges. Jacobstein is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the Media X Program at Stanford University. He has served in a wide variety of executive and advisory roles for industry, nonprofit, and government organizations. He continues to give lectures, seminars, and workshops worldwide on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.
Alex FilippenkoAlex Filippenko - Alex is the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Physical Sciences at UC Berkeley. An elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, he is one of the world's most highly cited astronomers and has received numerous prizes for his research. His primary areas of research are supernovae (exploding stars), active galaxies, black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and cosmology. He was a member of both teams that used observations of supernovae to discover the accelerating expansion of the universe, which was honored with the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics to the team leaders. Winner of the top teaching awards at UC Berkeley and voted the “Best Professor” on campus a record 9 times, he was selected as the National Professor of the Year in 2006. He has produced five astronomy video courses with "The Great Courses," wrote an award-winning college textbook, and appears in numerous TV documentaries, including about 40 episodes in "The Universe" series on The History Channel. Buy Alex Filippenko's  SETIcon II Interview DVD
Ariel Waldman - Ariel Waldman is the founder of, a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, and the global coordinator of Science Hack Day, an event that brings together scientists, technologists, designers and people with good ideas to see what they can create in one weekend. She also is an interaction designer and Research Affiliate at Institute For The Future. Previously, she worked at NASA's CoLab program whose mission was to connect communities inside and outside NASA to collaborate. Her website is at


Pierre Schwob, SETI Institute Trustee is the CEO and founder of Classical Archives. He was adjunct assistant professor computer science, N.Y.U. 1981-86; holder of several U.S. and foreign patents; founded PRS Corporation, an R&D company in 1978 where he developed the award-winning ID LOGIC® technology which was incorporated into a U.S. national standard and licensed to the major consumer electronics manufacturers