How to Survive an Alien Infection – Protecting the Planet from Extreme Biology

Sunday June 24th, 2012
9:30 am
Ballroom C

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Margaret S. Race - is concerned with protecting the planets. Actually, protecting all the planets: but especially Earth and Mars. Her work focuses on the scientific, technical, legal and societal issues of ensuring that missions to the Red Planet and other solar system bodies do not either inadvertently bring terrestrial microbes along, which would complicate our search for indigenous extraterrestrial life, or return any microbes to Earth. Recently, she’s done a research study on the environmental impact reviews and public communication associated with high-containment biosafety labs – the type that will eventually be used for the quarantine of returned samples from Mars. Buy How Would You Respond to a Martian Emergency? (Fireside Chat) on DVD
Oana Marcu - research interests include molecular adaptations of cells to extreme habitats on Earth, as analogs for Mars environments that could harbor life. Survival of life in deserts requires adaptation to desiccation, extreme temperatures and radiation, which limit the presence of life. For extremophiles, adaptation implies maintaining the structural and functional integrity of biomolecules (DNA, protein, lipids), which are otherwise damaged through oxidation.
Dale T. Andersen - The exploration of the Antarctic continent readily conjures up images of desolation. But for humans to survive there, they must be members of carefully planned, integrated teams. As the American leader of a joint US/Soviet expedition to Antarctica, biologist Dale Andersen spent six months with a multinational, multicultural crew in this remote, hostile environment, carrying out research relevant to the search for life on Mars. “In addition to the rigors of the local environment,” says Andersen, “we had to address the challenges of our differing cultures and languages.” Buy Dale Andersen's SETIcon II Interview DVD


Pierre Schwob, SETI Institute Trustee is the CEO and founder of Classical Archives. He was adjunct assistant professor computer science, N.Y.U. 1981-86; holder of several U.S. and foreign patents; founded PRS Corporation, an R&D company in 1978 where he developed the award-winning ID LOGIC® technology which was incorporated into a U.S. national standard and licensed to the major consumer electronics manufacturers