What do the panelists have to say?

Hello SETI Institute Fans and Supporters -

Are you curious about life in the universe?  What would happen if a virus from another planet was somehow introduced here on earth?  Just when will you be able to purchase a ticket to the moon?  These questions, and many others, will be debated, deliberated, and discussed at the unique and entertaining – SETIcon II:  Where Science Meets Imagination.

SETIcon II‘s impressive line-up of speakers includes diverse and distinguished scientists, astronomers, astronauts, artists, authors, and actors who have made an impact in the world of real and imagined science.  Check out what some of our panelists have to say about their participation at SETIcon II:

Robert J. Sawyer – SciFi Writer:  “Science and science fiction often intersect, but never more closely or more appropriately than in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. I’m coming to SETIcon II for the synergy that results when the greatest speculators from both the science and the science-fiction side have a chance to compare notes.”

Tom Jones – Astronaut:  “I’m looking forward to my first SETIcon, an energetic forum for explorers who believe in and anticipate humanity’s future in space. Can’t wait to share experiences and brainstorm new ideas.”

Charles Lindsay – Artist:  “I am a multi-media artist interested in the confluence of art, technology and the evolution of life in the universe. The SETI Institute addresses all this and more. SETIcon II is an opportunity to learn, share, and expand the circle of like minded people fascinated by the great unknowns.”

Debra Ann Fischer – Professor of Astronomy, Yale:  “SETI is the grandest adventure that any species on this planet have undertaken – I want to be part of it!”

Seth Shostak – SETI Institute Senior Astronomer:  “It’s the queen of the ‘cons, with a very special mixture of science and sci-fi.  This is one event where you’ll come back inspired — and smarter than you were before.”

We hope you are as enthused about SETIcon as our speakers are!  In order to secure a spot, be sure to purchase your ticket(s) now!

Are you a frequent flier?  You can be a sponsor for SETIcon II.  Please help us fly our speakers to SETIcon II by sponsoring a speaker’s trip with your frequent flier miles.  You will be noted as a sponsor in the program!  How cool is that?  To help out, please contact Brandy (brandy@positively-events.com or 415-269-3370).

We look forward to seeing you in June!

The SETIcon Event Committee

Questions?:  seticon@seti.org