Geoff Marcy, Jill Tarter, Frank Drake Among Speakers

Geoff Marcy

Geoff Marcy – Planetary Scientist
Dr. Marcy is a Professor of Astronomy at UC Berkeley and an Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy at San Francisco State University. He is the Director of Berkeley’s “Center for Integrative Planetary Science”, a research unit designed to study the formation, geophysics, chemistry and evolution of planets. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement. He was named Discovery Magazine’s Space Scientist of the Year in 2003. He was also co-recipient of the prestigious Shaw Prize.

Jill Tarter – Director of SETI Research
Dr. Jill Tarter is Director of the Institute’s Center for SETI Research, and also holder of the Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI. She is one of the few researchers to have devoted her career to hunting for signs of sentient beings elsewhere, and there are few aspects of this field that have not been affected by her work.

Frank Drake – Father of SETI
Dr. Drake, who conducted the first modern SETI experiment in 1960, continues his life-long interest in the detection of extraterrestrial sentient life. He participates in an on-going search for optical signals of intelligent origin, carried out with colleagues from Lick Observatory and the University of California at Berkeley, using the 40-inch Nickel telescope at Lick.

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